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Rocket Smoked Coffee
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  At Rocket Smoked Coffee, we take the art of coffee roasting to a whole new level. Using only the finest single-origin beans, we combine traditional roasting techniques with a gentle touch of wood smoke. This results in a unique, rich, and satisfying flavor that you just have to try to fully appreciate. Our medium roasted coffee is available in two distinct variations: cherry and plum wood smoke. Each smoke is carefully chosen to highlight the natural flavors of the coffee. Try them both and see which one you prefer!

  We are constantly looking for ways to expand our range of flavors and products, with our Dark Roast coffee finally arriving in May 2024! Join our mailing list today and be the first to know about all our new releases and updates.

We use Fairtrade coffee
We are Veteran owned and operated

Steve, MN

"The smoke does something to the coffee that is much different than I expected. Instead of smoke, I taste sweetness and creaminess."

Paul, MN

"This coffee is so smooth and easy to drink.  It's like the smoke takes all of the bitterness and acidity out of the coffee."

Missy, MN

"I love the smell of this coffee, and it tastes amazing too!"

Terry, WA

"I was pleasantly surprised how beautifully balanced this coffee is as I was expecting it to be very smoky and bold. To the contrary, it is a smooth, flavorful coffee with wonderful notes of cherry. The smokiness presented itself at the end as a compliment to the other flavors."

Where Else Can you Find our Coffee?

  You can order your Rocket Smoked Coffee here or pick some up in person at one of our fine local retailers:

  - Dehmer's Meat Market, St. Michael, MN

  - Center Cuts Meats, Albertville, MN

  - Center Cuts Meats, Rogers, MN

  - Petty Brothers Meats, Annandale, MN

  - The Butchery of Maple Lake, MN

  - Fall Harvest Orchards, Delano, MN

  - Deer Lake Orchards, Buffalo, MN

  - Northern Fire Grilling and BBQ Supply, Minnetonka, MN

  - The Woods Gifts, Maple Grove, MN

  - McDonald's Meats, Clear Lake, MN​

  - Ready Meats, Minneapolis, MN

  - Sentyrz Supermarket, Minneapolis, MN

  - Gorton's 12/12 Meats, Montrose, MN

  - Brine's Market and Deli, Stillwater, MN

  - Jubilee Foods, Mound, MN

  - Bread & Honey Pantry, Mora, MN


  Are you a retailer, restaurant or coffee house looking to offer your customers a unique coffee option?  Contact us now and become a Rocket Smoked Coffee retailer.​

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