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Smoked Coffee?


  Yes! Smoked Coffee. We have teamed up with Custom Roasting from Buffalo, MN to offer you this unique coffee. We have perfected a method to add a gentle touch of smoke to coffee. This method, combined with our selection of the best quality beans, have resulted in an amazing product that you have to try to appreciate. The smoke adds a mild, smooth and creamy experience up-front and a beautiful smokey after taste that pleasantly lingers.​

  We are currently offering a medium roasted coffee, smoked with either cherry, apple or plum wood smoke. Each smoke adds slightly different and unique qualities. We continue to experimenting with other smoke flavors and roasts to add to our repertoire.​

  Next up...Dark roast. Stay tuned.​


  You can order our coffee directly from Caffe Strada Custom Roasting or you can pickup our coffee in person at our local retail distributors:

  - Dehmer's Meat Market in St. Michaels, MN

  - Hardware Hanks in St. Michael, MN

  - Center Cuts Meats in Albertville, MN and in Rogers, MN

  - Petty Brothers Meats in Annandale, MN

  - The Butchery of Maple Lake, MN

  - Fall Harvest Orchards in Delano, MN

  - Deer Lake Orchards in Buffalo, MN

  - Northern Fire Grilling and BBQ Supply in Minnetonka, MN

  - The Woods in Maple Grove, MN

  - McDonald's Meats in Clearwater, MN​


Or, order your next bag direct at

Suggested Preparation of Rocket Smoked Coffee

Hot Brew: We highly suggest using a french press with our coffee.  For some reason, a french press not only keeps, but magnifies the smoke flavor.  Add 3/4 cups (2 ozs.) of course ground Rocket Smoked Coffee to 1 liter of boiling hot water and steep for 5 minutes before pressing.  The key to the full flavor, is to allow your coffee to "rest."  By giving your coffee five minutes or so to "rest" and cool in your coffee cup, it gives you a bigger, bolder, smokier experience.  If you don't get a big smokey flavor right away... keep drinking.  After drinking a full cup, the smoke will build on the back of your pallet and on the tip of your tongue.  IT'S AMAZING!

Cold Coffee
Cold Coffee

Cold Brew: We love Rocket Smoked Coffee as a cold brew! To prepare your cold brew, place 5 cups of Rocket Smoked Coffee into a cold brew filter and add it to 1 gallon of water.  Let your coffee brew on the shelf at room temperature for at least 24 hours and up to 48 hours.  Once your cold brew coffee is done brewing, remove the bag of coffee grounds and store your coffee in a jug in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.  The result of this method leaves you with a gallon of cold brew concentrate, which can be either poured straight over a full glass of ice, or cut it with water, creamer or milk to taste.

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