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Let Us Cater Your Next Party!

"We don't use sauce on our barbecue because we have nothing to hide."

  Rocket Ribs and BBQ is your go-to food truck and barbecue catering option for mouthwatering barbecue that solves your craving for amazing smoked meats with a Texas-style twist. Our mission is to produce the best craft barbecue in Minnesota. We're based right here in Albertville, MN and we serve up our tasty treats at venues all around Wright County, including places like Hayes Public House in Buffalo, Lupulin Brewing in Big Lake, Hardware Hanks inSt. Michael, Aegir Brewing Company in Elk River, and Spilled Grain Brewery in Annandale. We will also be at several larger events this year to include Lakes Jam and the NHRA Drag Racing Nationals at Brainerd International Raceway.

  Whether you're one of our regulars or a newcomer to the world of barbecue, we promise to serve you a fantastic meal made with the freshest ingredients that is smoked to perfection. We can't wait to see you soon while you satisfy your hunger with our delicious craft barbecue delights!




  When I moved to Texas, one of the first things I asked the neighbors during a neighborhood block party was “can you teach me how to BBQ on a smoker like a true Texan?”  After the first guy was about to finish telling me how he starts his BBQ, the next guy chimed in saying “no, no… that’s all wrong.  The way you want to do it is….”  This continued through the whole lot of them.  What I learned was – the only right way to BBQ is YOUR way to BBQ.  So, my adventure began.


  Over the course of the past 12 years, I have honed my skills, developing my own rubs, my own processes and my own styles.  Now that I have retired from Federal service, I am finally free to pursue my passions – BBQ and COFFEE!

  Come join us at one of our events or contact us and book us for yours today.



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